Building FUTURES has an application process which is currently under review. We request that people wishing to access FUTURES’ services come to visit us—the person seeking service and her/his support people can make an appointment for a tour, a brief chat and to pick up the Application form. Once the application is completed in full, including a medical report, it is to be returned to us. When we receive the fully completed form, we use that date as the application date. The application is then reviewed and the applicant will be notified if they are, or are not, eligible for services. 

The basic criterion for eligibility are: 

  1. primary diagnosis of an intellectual disability; 
  2. over the age of 21; and, 
  3. resides in Bedford, Sackville, Fall River or surrounding areas. 

Once eligibility is established, the applicant’s name will be placed on our waitlist. Matching of our resources and the applicant’s choices will determine our ability to provide services.

If you would like to book a tour and receive an application, please contact our Program Manager, Lara Abramson at [email protected]