Individuals who attend The Club will have opportunities to socialize with others and take part in activities that they enjoy in a comfortable and flexible environment.


An important part of our program is providing services that are individualized to meet the needs and wants of the people who attend The Club. People are supported in a way that is meaningful to them and in a respectful and professional manner.  We believe in personal growth and challenging people to try new and interesting things.


Individuals are supported by the staff to develop meaningful relationships and to be active members of their community.  This is achieved by facilitating relationship building and taking part in community activities.  We are well known at local recreation facilities, food establishments and various locations where we do volunteer work.  When people are at The Club they take part in daily routines and are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities.  These activities include: games, crafts, walks, spa activities, theme days, parties and special events.  Our facebook page does a great job demonstrating what we do.


    I wanted to take the time today to simply pass on to you what Building Futures has come to mean to us and Matthew. As you know, Matt is quite a social guy and does much better when kept busy. So when he finished school and moved on to Rockmanor, I must say I was somewhat worried and I do remember telling his care-givers, try your best to keep him busy or he tends to get cranky and bored. Then along comes Building Futures and your incredible team. Matt loves his program, caregivers and peers. You all do such an incredible job keeping him busy in various ways, such as walks, taking him to parks, his annual picnic. Outings to many attractions. He loves the dog walking program, and we have noticed since he started that, he takes a greater interest in our miniature schnauzer Charlie. He actually now asks if he can puppy sit. Imagine!! While at the club you entertain him with the WII and seem to have an endless supply of Shania Twain music for him as he adores her. He gets his walks to Tims, he helps with crafts and baking. I could go on and on. All I can tell you, if it were not for Building Futures and this incredible team of care-givers, we do not know how Matt would fill his days. It is an excellent program with an incredibly well-trained group of people and we will be eternally grateful. April and Jim Darby