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Soup options: tomato basil, cream of mushroom, broccoli and cheddar, roasted red pepper, carrot (maple or ginger)

Soup, Traditional Sandwich and Sweets

Soup option with one of the traditional sandwiches listed above and two sweets per person.

Salads can be substituted for soups.

Soup, Gourmet Sandwich and sweets

Soup choice, Gourmet sandwich and two sweets per person. Soups, Sandwiches are all packaged separately, and sweets are packaged together.

Salads can be substituted for soups.

Hot Pot, Salad and Sweets

Hot Pot options includes Shepherd’s Pie, Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo & Chicken Pot pie.

Salad is a garden salad with seasonal veggies, dried cranberries and a dressing choice of French, Ranch, Caesar, Balsamic and Thousand Island.

Hot Pots and Salads are packaged individually, and sweets are packaged together on a tray.

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