We are Building Futures Employment Society and we support individuals with intellectual disabilities to contribute to their community while realizing their personal goals. FUTURES is a vibrant agency: growing and responding to the choices of the people we support.

We bring our Mission Statement of ‘Empowering People with Disabilities to Make their Contribution to Society alive every day through the employment, vocational, and recreational services we provide at FUTURES.

While our vocational services provide work training, we also focus on interpersonal skills, attitudes and habits that are required to be successful in any work setting.

The employment services team have assisted many individuals to gain employment in our community and you have probably seen many of our employees working within our local businesses.

Building Futures Club is all about friendship building and supports participants to focus on health and wellness while having fun learning valuable life skills.

We have four social enterprises that provide onsite job training and generate revenue that goes back into the services we provide for our employees and participants.

We work hard to give you quality products and services at competitive prices.

We also love to have fun! From our annual events, to BBQ’s; birthdays to employee of the month celebrations, we find a balance between work and play.

We are governed by a Board of Directors composed of volunteers from our community. Our Director’s group is made up of families, professionals and committed community members. They represent the community ownership of the Society.

Over the years FUTURES has built a reputation of trust in our community and demonstrated through the satisfaction of the people we support and their care networks and by the loyalty of our many customers, patrons and donors.