People we support will be able to participate in work in a workplace and training venue which demonstrates respect, choice and opportunity.


We at FUTURES on-site job training/coaching are committed to improving the lives of the people we support. We believe that in order to have a healthy work environment; participation in work is valued and everyone can contribute to their own well-being. We value mutual respect and life-long learning.


The on-site job training/coaching at Building Futures Employment Society will provide on-site support to persons with intellectual challenges living in the Lower Sackville, Fall River, Bedford, and surrounding areas. We accomplish this by providing resources such as job coaches, work contracts and training opportunities to the people we support. FUTURES will support our employees in maximizing their independence and self-reliance by providing opportunities for continuous learning. FUTURES job coaches also commit to supporting the employees in numerous individualized training opportunities in work skills. Job coaches support with work-related interpersonal skills, habits and attitudes that assist employees in being successful in any work setting. Focusing on approaches such as workplace education, workplace wellness, job sampling, job shadowing, communication, functional academics, problem-solving and health and safety.

Every employee comes to FUTURES with a different set of goals; we respond with our philosophy of ‘Employment Community Options, One Person at a Time.’

*FUTURES will respect self-determination through person-directed planning. FUTURES will support healthy work relationships and professionalism will be demonstrated. FUTURES job coaches will assist when needed with all work related interaction.*

Building Futures Employment Society


    Working here is fun, I feel like I have learned a lot of different skills I enjoy working with my coworkers and the job coaches are great. - Bonnie Deveaux
    I like learning how to bake new things. I have also learned a lot about cooking. I now can teach other employees how to do the recipes. I also make a great sandwich on my own with no help. The customers are funny and I feel they really like coming here. - Michele Brushett