A social enterprise is a business with a social mission.

“Social enterprises are businesses owned by non-profit organizations, that are directly involved in the production and/or selling of goods and services for the blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims. Social enterprises are one more tool for non-profits to use to meet their mission to contribute to healthy communities.” – Social Enterprise Council of Canada

Building FUTURES Employment Society is a non-profit charitable organization. We operate four social enterprises. Although FUTURES receives funding from the Government of Nova Scotia, we have significant costs that we must cover.

We rely on our social enterprises for two very important functions. First, to provide work/training sites for our employees where we focus on interpersonal skills; attitudes and habits that are required to be successful in any work setting; as well as, personal independence. Second, to generate revenue to fund the services we provide for our employees and participants. Services we provide include: on-site work training, employment services, recreation and leisure, wellness activities, health and safety, nutrition, mental health, literacy and various training workshops.

We are fortunate to live within a supportive community. We choose to work hard to reduce our dependence on their generosity.

Through operating sound businesses, we are able to contribute to our own well-being and to fulfill our mission of Empowering People with Disabilities to Make Their Contribution to Society.

By purchasing from us – Buying Social – our customers are able to contribute to our social benefit. Not only are you receiving a quality product at a competitive price, you are supporting Building Futures Employment Society’s social mission.

Together, we are making a positive social impact on our local economy in our community of Sackville/Bedford/Fall River and surrounding areas. Now that’s something to smile about!

Buy Social, Something to Smile About